Senior Memories 2020


Jared Steil, Kelsey Gregorio, and Adam Zienkiewicz pictured at their junior year prom.

Thinking about our time in high school during these uncertain times, the graduating class of 2020 took some time to reflect on the time we spent at Goffstown High School. We posted on social media platforms asking for seniors to share a quote on a memorable moment from high school. Looking back at freshman year, Sarah Mattison remembers “losing [her] voice [at our] freshman homecoming assembly.” Renaud Pelletier also remembers having a great time at “our first homecoming assembly.” Two senior students even shared memories from times at GHS in science classes when silly things happened. Natalie Lapointe recalls “that time in physical science when [she] almost set [her] lab partner on fire during a states of matter lab,” and another student, Kyle Auditore, remembers when he “…blew up the light switch in Mrs. Fleck’s room and they had to shut off the [power to the] whole 400 wing.” Many seniors used this memory opportunity to remark on something they’ll always remember from GHS. Their responses varied from assemblies to science mishaps to athletics and music performance moments.

Goffstown High School will always be a special place for graduating seniors. The whole building of GHS was a place for students to make these long lasting friendships, grow up, and create unique memories. The senior class unfortunately has to leave Goffstown High School during a global pandemic, however, they are spending these times by remembering all the fun they once had in the building. Ellie Hills commented on how she will always remember “…sitting on the theater bench all four years for lunch.” Students also commented about assemblies they enjoyed from GHS. Megan Deslauriers shared how she was glad these seniors were “… able to spend our last assembly together as a class for winter carnival.” Another senior, Julia Gentili, commented on her own experience from school assemblies, during her “junior year homecoming [she] got involved with creating the flag and the dance for the assembly and had such a fun time, then throughout the assembly had fun with [her] friends in the stands. It’s a day [she’ll] never forget.” These students were able to build memories in the school building, but they also commented on other important places from GHS that they’ll miss too.

Other seniors shared some memories they have from being on athletic teams during their years at Goffstown High School. Kelsey Gregorio shared how she enjoyed the “…home meets during [her] outdoor track seasons at GHS! [She] will always remember how happy [she] was being able to compete in [her] favorite sport with all [her] friends cheering [her] on from the sidelines at Barnard Park.” Another athlete commented on her memories from sporting events, she shared how she will always remember “senior year soccer with [her] best friends and making it to the quarterfinals!” by Alexa Skinner.” A male athlete, Jacob Bliven, commented on how he will miss, “…playing with my brothers on the baseball field and making memories!” Additionally, another runner from GHS announced how she will miss “riding the bus to cross country meets with [her] teammates and working on [their] PRs” which was shared by Katy Donovan. GHS is full of many students who attend these sports to see where their fellow classmates show off their athletic skills and make memories on the field, track, and gym floor. Kori Chamberlin was one of the fans in the student fan section and she “…just loved going to every single game and having the time of [her] life with all [her] friends, and watching all [her] friends dominate in their sports. We do have the most electric fan section in the state.” Goffstown High School is full of supporters for all the student-athletes.

Outside of athletics, many seniors found the music department to be a special memory they will enjoy. The graduating class was full of a large group of individuals who used the performing arts as a way to build special connections similar to athletes. An event that many of these students recall is through the Spring Gala, which a senior commented on. Kelsey Wynn shared on how he will always remember that “during [his] Junior year at the Dance Gala, [he] was playing the music and loved when [his] old friends that already graduated returned and we’re dancing in front of [him], [he] was in [his] element with the people [he] loved. [He] was truly happy.” Another individual who was involved with the music department will remember her time in the performing arts. She will remember “[her] last Nutcracker at the Sugar Plum Fairy and participating in [her] first musical, All Shook Up.” which was commented on by Marissa Fyten. The seniors who were a part of the music department shared many memories on stage together and that is certainly something they’ll always recall about their time at GHS.

We know that senior year was cut too short for all seniors across the world. These students are losing their spring season which should’ve been full of more fun memories. They cherish the ones they made previously at Goffstown High School, like Adam Zienkiewicz, who even recalls a memory from his sophomore year that he’ll never forget, “the marine bio trip with [his] two best friends, Jared and Kelsey. [He loves] marine life and the ocean so it was a very adventurous experience!” In addition, these seniors have communicated on how they will miss many things like; spring sports, normal spring ceremonies, and just spending the last months with their friends before graduating Goffstown High School. However, this worldwide issue has highlighted how strong this 2020 class is. They might be graduating during a global pandemic, but they won’t give up. They continue to succeed in virtual ways by completing school assignments online and having their achievements shared in a different way. This group of kids have shown how powerful and determined they really are, which are very important personality traits for high schoolers to share in this strange Covid-19 situation.