$100 to Park- Is It Fair?


Student parking spot at GHS

Santino DeFilippo, Staff Writer

As the 2021 school year came closer and closer, many seniors were eager to buy their parking pass for GHS. To some students’ surprise, the cost was a whopping $100. Students have not been afraid to voice their opinions on this cost, as for many teenagers, money is tight. With a minimum wage of $7.25 and a narrow opportunity to work, this can be a student’s entire paycheck.

Tyler Pierce, a senior at Goffstown High School, observed that “$100 seems like a little much, especially considering we’re all teenagers. I don’t think there’s a real reason behind the price. The school knows that kids will continue to buy passes no matter the price.” While it’s “affordable for me [Tyler] personally,” it could very well be a hefty sum for another GHS parker. 

Ms. Rozumek, Goffstown’s Dean of Students, had answers regarding the price of parking passes. “The cost has been $100 for a number of years”, she said. It was $50 last year, due to students only being present half the year because of COVID-19. “The parking fees help fund different safety pieces.” The safety pieces were not specified, but with that knowledge, students can know it’s going towards something beneficial- not “another couch in the teacher’s lounge”, like Tyler had speculated. 

Although other students, along with Tyler, think parking shouldn’t be this costly, the school seems firm with their pricing. When Ms. Rozumek was asked if there are any special circumstances where students pay a different price, she responded some are taken into consideration. Goffstown Parks and Recreation also has parking spots available to students each year. In addition, many students get rides from parents, and all students are able to ride the bus. While Ms. Rozumek, along with the rest of the school, would “love to allow all licensed drivers to drive and park at school, it is just not possible.”