Why Underclassmen Should Consider Cheer


Winter Cheer 2017/2018

Emily Lydick, Staff Writer



The Goffstown Cheer team is always looking for new girls or boys to join the team for fall or winter season. Cheer is a great way to help people come out of their shells, make new friends and gain new skills. Although it is a lot of work, and isn’t always easy, it’s fun learning routines and constantly pushing yourself to do your best. I, personally, am the Captain of the varsity team and have been the last five seasons of my high school career. Every season I am amazed by the talent that walks in and by the skill everyone gains season after season. Alicia Duval explains, “over the last couple seasons my technique has changed drastically and I’ve gained so much skill that I didn’t have before.” This is the case for almost everyone on the JV and Varsity team. Students gain not only skills that are physical, but  they gain social skills and end up leaving with some life long friends. Olivia Machakos explains that “Cheer has helped me to really come out of my shell over the years and has helped me through so much, especially with making new friends over the seasons. I don’t know where I would be today without it.” Many girls have said the same things about cheer being a good escape from reality.

Last year we had enough girls to be able to make a JV team that competes and is a strong team. Last year, the varsity competition team included roughly 15 girls and our routine was difficult, but also my favorite routine we’ve had so far. We’ve also had a couple of boys on the competition team before who were very talented and were impressed by the amount of skill they actually had. Some things that come with cheer is tumbling which is the determination between the varsity although that’s not always the case. Things like jumps which is about flexibility, stunting which is physical strength and also tumbling which is a little of both. Both varsity and JV both compete against other teams showing off what we work months to perfect.

Finally you get to cheer at games as well which is also lots of fun. Fall season cheers at the football games which is my personal favorite and winter season is basketball. Although almost half the team is graduating this year therefore we will be looking for lots of girls and boys to tryout! We have had great groups of very talented boys and girls  every season and am looking forward to see what next season brings for my team.