Goffstown Field Hockey’s Season Recap

A Season Like No Other


Goffstown’s varsity field hockey team Photo Credit: Kelly Taylor

Alyssa Gabbidon, Staff Writer

Goffstown’s varsity field hockey team entered the fall with no idea of what their season would look like. With COVID-19 placing restrictions on athletics, it was more than possible that the ladies would not be seeing the field at all. However, a combination of spectacular coaching and a helpful administration allowed field hockey, among other sports, to participate in a fall season.

“I was proud that our team was able to follow through guidelines this year and stay strong through the pandemic,” says senior Meredith Buckley. 

The field hockey team was placed in a cohort with neighboring towns. This meant that instead of seeing their typical Division 2 opponents, the girls would be playing against various Division 1 teams. The ladies had a strong start, securing a tie against Merrimack High School, and winning 2-1 against the Bedford Bulldogs.  However, the real work began as they faced Souhegan High School and their skilled roster of committed players. 

“Souhegan is a strong team,” says senior Jess Vo. “We fought extremely hard, but unfortunately ended up on the losing side of the scoreboard.” The Grizzlies took Souhegan into overtime the first game they played them, and lost in the final few minutes of the fourth quarter the following game.

The weeks to come were full of various challenges. Goffstown was the first team to score on Concord High School’s elite goalie, securing a tie that would defeat Concord’s previously undefeated record. Playing strong games against Manchester teams, Goffstown field hockey went into playoffs with a 4-4-2 record, and a ton of experience under their belt.

Goffstown secured a landslide 4-0 victory over Derryfield, leading them to once again play Souhegan during quarterfinals. Like all their other games with the Amherst team, the Grizzlies fought Souhegan into the fourth quarter, where Soughan would score one goal in the final few minutes that secured their victory over Goffstown- ending an amazing season for the Grizzlies. 

“When there is so much ability on a team, it always feels like you could have done more. We still weren’t done with the goal we set out to accomplish,” says coach Jess Brown. However, despite not achieving the championship everyone wanted, Brown was still more than proud of her team. 

“I am proud that I get to be associated with each and every one of my players,” says Brown. “I am so proud of how they handled the season unlike any other with focus, dedication, and hard work.”